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The European lawyers foundation

An organisation for the benefit of bars and lawyers in the EU



Welcome to the European Lawyers’ Foundation

The main aim of the Foundation is to implement added-value projects that create services for European lawyers and on issues related of Justice’s policies in Europe. Furthermore, the Foundation may also implement projects related to other objectives as Human rights and Rule of Law. The Foundation has a double objective:

– To undertake activities that relate to the exercise of the profession of lawyers, the development of the law and practice pertaining to the rule of law and administration of justice and substantive developments in the law itself, both at a European and international level as well as issues of justice policies in Europe, provided that these activities create added value, and;

– to monitor actively the defence of the rule of law, the protection of fundamental and human rights and freedoms, including the right of access to justice and protection of the client, and the protection of democratic values inextricably associated with such rights, and to perform everything (directly or indirectly) related or conducive to the above, all in the broadest sense.


The european Lawyers Foundation is registered as a Dutch public benefit organisation and is therefore able to benefit from ANBI regulations.
More information about the requirements can be found here.